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Advisory Services You Can Trust in Claremont, CA

financial team working with laptop and tabletAt Claudia Topete, CPA, our Certified Public Accountant provides advisory and strategic business planning services designed to help guide you through the complexities of owning and operating a company in a complicated tax environment. Claudia prides herself on giving business owners like you everything they need to take a proactive approach to protect and improve their venture. Not only can she help you become more knowledgeable about your business, but she also advises you on how to use tax-saving opportunities to legally and safely reduce your liabilities.

Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to create a strong plan for succession, our seasoned CPA is here to help you with all your business planning, tax, and financial needs. Contact Claudia Topete, CPA in Claremont, CA, today to get started!

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Strategic Business Planning

paper that reads business plan on desk with financial chartsOur Claremont, CA, CPA tailors business strategies based on what works best for you. Claudia takes the time to sit with you, asking questions to gain a complete understanding of your industry, market, and what you hope to accomplish. Regardless of your situation, our expert will design a strategy that is uniquely yours, helping lead your business down the path toward lasting success.

If you're the owner of an established company and are seeking to refresh your business strategy, Claudia can help by reviewing any existing plans and researching your current market. She won't shy away from seeking advice from others in the industry to confirm that any products and services you plan to provide align with your long-term goals.

Putting Your Business Strategy to Work

After setting a concrete plan, Claudia will make sure to confirm that your intent is consistent with your current market conditions and is competitive with others in your industry. This process allows her to make accurate recommendations that can lead to increased profitability for your business.

Regardless of business' size or structure, our CPA has the experience to help you develop a detailed plan that covers all stages of strategic business planning. Being a seasoned business owner herself, Claudia's first-hand experience in the business world allows her to strategize from an entrepreneurial point of view. This means that your venture's longevity and profitability are always at the forefront of your business plan.

Helping You with Your Business' Legal Structure

organization and team structure symbolized with cubesSelecting the entity of your venture plays a significant role in your business plan. It affects your tax liability, how you will be taxed, and the way you do business. It's important to settle on the right structure so you can make sure your tax strategy is solid and you don't experience any unwanted surprises come tax time.

At Claudia Topete, CPA, we can help you select the entity that best fits your business.

Which is the Right Business Structure for Me?

Do the debts of my company become my personal responsibility? Are my business partners responsible for the venture's tax liabilities? There are a lot of questions to ask when deciding on the right business structure. Keep reading to discover the different entities and how they can affect your tax situation.

Partnerships and sole proprietorships are the two most common structures for small businesses and the easiest to establish. Once the necessary paperwork is filed, the owners of these businesses are considered one-and-the-same with their company. However, because the owners of these businesses profit directly from their operations, they are also responsible for any debts of the company and must maintain legal liability for the business.

Limited Liability Structures prevent company debts from affecting your personal credit or finances. Limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and limited liability corporations (LLCs) come with additional regulations and are often limited in the amount of growth they can experience. Additionally, the limitations on your liability are not indefinite, and certain liabilities still apply depending on the type of structure you select and the state in which your business operates.

Corporate Structures, also known as C corporations, have the largest potential for growth. There is typically no limit to how large they can grow. This also means that they can take on the largest number of shareholders. Because these are large entities, this type of business structure is also taxed twice: once at the corporate level and again on the shareholder level.

To help avoid being taxed twice, there is the S corporation option. This structure is a pass-through tax entity. This means that profits are not taxed until they are spread as shareholder income. However, to balance the loss of double taxation, S corps are limited to the number of shares they can distribute, which can sometimes restrict growth abilities.

Succession Planning for Your Business

Man and woman are shaking hands in officeThough it may not have occurred to you when you first established your business, preparing for when you are gone is a crucial part of owning a company.

Whether preparing for the next generation or managing life-changing events, having a succession plan in place protects and strengthens your venture. Claudia Topete, CPA provides businesses in CA with succession planning services designed to preserve the legacy you have worked so hard to build over the years.

Once Claudia understands your vision, she evaluates the current state of your business as well as its future profitability and development. This allows her to understand the existing trends in your specific market and make her recommendations for lasting success.

From here, she will create a realistic plan that helps fulfill your needs using current and potential resources. Your success plan is developed so that you can take advantage of both short and long-term opportunities that are flexible should your business' needs change.

Succession and Estate Planning

Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investmentThere is no doubt that you have worked hard to build a valuable and profitable business. You want to make sure your assets are protected when handing them off to the next successor. Time and careful consideration are needed to make sure your plan reflects the intentions you have for your estate. This is especially important for encouraging your business to thrive with the next generation of management.

Succession and estate planning can help reduce estate taxes for your venture and guide your beneficiaries.

Your comprehensive estate plan can also include the following:

  • A Will – This document helps determine how your assets are distributed after your passing and assigns someone to settle your estate. If you've left underaged children behind, it can also appoint a legal guardian. Your will ensures that these critical decisions are made solely by you, and the laws of the state.
  • A legal power of attorney – This provides legal documentation that you and your attorney have chosen someone to handle your financial affairs in the event you cannot.
  • An advanced medical directive – This assigns someone you trust to take over your health care decisions on your behalf. They will also help carry out your wishes regarding your preferred medical treatment.
  • A Living trust – This document is a separate legal entity for your personal assets. It is used for the sole purpose of avoiding probate, which is timely, expensive, and not private.

Enhance and Protect the Value of Your Business Today!

When the uncertainties and complexities of owning a business leave you with questions on what to do next, Claudia Topete, CPA is here to provide you answers and much-needed peace of mind. For personable business advisory paired with strategic planning for your business, taxes, and future succession, contact our experienced CPA in Claremont, CA, today!

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