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Tax Planning

Tax Planning in Claremont

finance graphs and calculator on deskWith a full year to prepare for tax season, it can be easy to put it off in favor of more immediate concerns. However, waiting until the last moment to get your files in order often adds to the stress of tax filing, and can leave you open to grievous errors.

Taxes can be a relatively complex subject, and minor mistakes can easily happen, especially when filing for yourself. On top of this, while the IRS can send you a bill for unpaid taxes, the chances of them catching and correcting overpaid returns are slim at best.

Claudia Topete, CPA helps small businesses and individuals keep their tax burden low with expert tax planning and preparation. With Claudia’s guidance, you can rest easy knowing that the only taxes you pay are the taxes you owe.

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The Benefits of Strategic Tax Planning

For many people, taxes can be a stressful and confusing event. Filling out tax papers, dropping them off with a preparer, and waiting to see whether they get a refund or have to pay the IRS is the norm for many. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With strategic tax planning, you can be adequately prepared for tax season, knowing what you’ll owe or how much of a refund you can look forward to.

Tax Planning for Businesses

Regulations on business taxes are constantly changing, increasing your risk of violations and errors that could result in hefty fines. We stay on top of all protocols and changes so we can help you plan around them to maximize your profit margin.

We carefully evaluate your assets and investments and develop a financial strategy that allows you to take advantage of every potential tax break. We’ll also help you produce a system of gathering and storing information that will make filing easier at tax time.

Trust & Estate Planning

Your estate consists of all of your assets or anything of value that you might pass on to others. If you have someone or something important in your life, estate planning ensures the completion of your wishes. There are various benefits to estate planning, but it’s more complicated than simply making a list and putting your signature on it. With all the things to think about when planning your estate, it is wise to have a professional like Claudia Topete, CPA on your side.

Know What Your Assets and Liabilities Are

business women working with finance chart and calculator in officeMost of us have a car, furniture, electronics, and possibly some property to our name. All of these things should be addressed in your estate planning. Family heirlooms are especially important to consider, as you may have a keepsake or special tradition you want to pass on that could get lost or overruled if not put in writing.

On the opposite spectrum, you also have debts to consider. Mortgages, student loans, and medical expenses all need attention. Our team can help you estimate how much is needed to meet these burdens and factor that into your estate planning. You’ll also need to know how taxes will impact the inheritance your beneficiaries receive because it could leave them with less than you expect.

Make Sure Your Requests are Clear

Your daughter gets the car, and your sister gets the parrot, but what about your 401(k)? When planning your estate, make sure that your beneficiaries are clear and up to date in all areas. Reviewing your plan includes looking over insurance policies, retirement funds, and any other accounts where a beneficiary is listed.

If you have specific plans, such as a child who will receive their inheritance once they reach a certain age or finish college, you should consider setting up a trust. A trust allows you to control the division of assets and even how they can be spent.

Keep Your Will Up to Date

None of us know how much time we have, which is why it’s essential to start planning early. A sound will is not a one-and-done project. As life events like marriages, childbirth, divorce, illness, or inheritance occur, you should revisit your will and examine whether it adequately covers your situation. Be sure to update your estate plan and listed beneficiaries according to your new priorities.

Get Help From an Expert

Whether you’re setting up your estate or organizing for taxes, advice from a financial expert can ensure that nothing is left out or unclear. Claudia Topete, CPA provides comprehensive tax planning services in Claremont. Contact us to see how we can help you today!

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